James Willing - The Musician

Originally growing up in Perth, Western Australia, I have now become a familiar face in Manly, Sydney. My background could be described as eclectic, having a degree in Psychology but working in the IT, marketing and property industries. This was a precursor to an early life crisis involving selling almost everything I owned and moving over to Bali Indonesia where I started my surfboard label, “The Source Surfboards”.

The journey to Indonesia started as a means to escape routine, to stray from mundane paths already been worn in by too many. It all catalyzed while stuck in traffic in my suit and tie one day on the way to work, to my prison on the 16th floor of an office building, I made the decision right then to head towards something more unknown. Whilst travelling I embraced my affinity for music, and the fulfillment it gave me while performing and writing.

It was while in the remoteness of Indonesian specifically Northern Sumatra when I wrote the songs for my EP, “More than I could afford”, and I don’t feel I could have written them in any other surroundings or situation. My music is a product of my life, it reflects who am I am and how I became, and perhaps who I will be. Some is joyous and celebratory, some is heart wrenchingly sad and melancholic, but there can be beauty in the midst of great sadness and I hope that notion shines through.

My life is based around music, the ocean and love, and not specifically in that order. I have discovered that with these three things in my life I am fulfilled, I am at peace.

Thank you for visiting my site, and thank you for supporting my music. I do this because I love it, my success isn’t measured in monetary figures, rather by my ability to reach people through my music.
James Willing - Less is More - EP
James Willing - More than you could Afford - EP